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The Olympus OM-1 is a manually operated 35mm single-lens reflex camera. It is part of the Olympus OM system. History The first model was presented at photokina in Cologne in 1972 and was called the Olympus M-1. Thirteen years earlier, the release of the Nikon F

Lens mount: Olympus OM mount
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7/1/2018 · Some thoughts on the little marvels from Olympus, plus samples from the Zuiko f1.4 50mm and f3.5 28mm.

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The Olympus OM System (O = Olympus, M = Maitani) was a line of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras, lenses and accessories sold by Olympus between 1972 and 2002 (some accessories were sold until early 2003). The system was introduced by Olympus in 1972, more than a decade after Nikon, Canon, and other manufacturers had established their

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The Olympus OM system has a long history of both exceptional and under appreciated machines. While the OM1 was received by professional photogs, the press, and industry insiders as a marvel of miniaturization, design, and engineering, the brand didn’t seem to

Hello, I have several OM1/OM2 bodies (inc ‘n’ series) and the degree of advance lever smootheness are all a little different. One is clearly ‘rough’, but this one has been used with the auto-winder, so perhaps it’s worth seeking one that has *not* been used with

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12/2/2019 · A comparison of two beautiful manual film SLRs This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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Main features The Olympus OM-2 is an aperture-priority automatic-exposure camera (with full manual operation selected via switch), based on the earlier, successful Olympus OM-1 body. The OM-2 was introduced in 1975, and combined the light, sturdy camera

Lens mount: Olympus OM

5/2/2015 · 教育工作者憑著 Olympus 無反打入國際攝影圈 香港攝影師一向都是國際攝影比賽的常客,因為攝影在本港的普及程度可算是世界數一數二的地區,自然能孕育更多優質的攝影師。而今次 DCFever.com 就 (繼續閱讀) Olympus 為旗艦 OM-D E

該日誌由 chansony 于7 years前發表在EURO Print 400, Olympus, Olympus OM1, Olympus Zuiko 50mm f1.2分類下 轉載請註明: olympus om1+Olympus Zuiko 50mm F1.2 試玩 | Chan’Blog 遊攝天下 +複製鏈接 關鍵字: EURO Print 400, olympus, Olympus OM1,

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1/12/2017 · In this video, Jules and I review the Olympus OM-1. This 35mm SLR camera is famous for its large, bright viewfinder, beautiful minimalistic design, and small form factor. Let’s take a closer look at this gem from 1972, its

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L’OM2 possédait un des meilleurs systèmes de mesure TTL avec 2 cellules, il était une des références de l’époque, un peu plus performant que l’OM1, il a été beaucoup utilisé par les professionnels en studio et pour les événements (fêtes, mariages) très fiable et

The electronic Olympus OM-2 was first seen in a prototype form at the 1974 Photokina, that was two years after the debut of the original OM-1 which was a mechanical SLR. The OM2 was only began to ship and market in late 1975. The addition of automatic

PERFECT SIZE PERFECT SHOT The OM-D is significantly smaller and lighter than a DSLR that produces similar image quality. Combined with compact and lightweight M.Zuiko lenses, this camera system lets you take a wider variety of shots at any destination.

Olympus OM-1(n), OM-2(n) and OM-2nSP(Spot/Program) The mechanical Olympus OM-1 was introduced in 1972 as the first of a new breed of small & lightweight single lens reflex cameras from a company that never seriously being regarded as a 35mm SLR

4/8/2006 · 現在這個數位化的年代,很多人拿這DC或是DSLR照相,而我就也加入了數位的年代,在因緣巧合之下用到了老底片機,完全被萌到了,就轉投靠了底片機的懷抱。而我的第一台底片機是CANON AE-1,後來因為某些原因不得不放棄,轉用NIKON的CP995,後來又換

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30/8/2018 · Making images with the Olympus OM1 in black and white using Ilford PAN 100 film developed in Rodinal.

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15/4/2016 · #OlympusOM1 #OlympusOM #OlympusOM2 #OLYMPUS #OlympusOM2n #OlympusOM10 #Zuiko #Zuiko50mm18 #OlympusCamera #35mmFilm #35mm #BelieveinFilm #HowToShoot35mmFilm How to shoot

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The 35mm Olympus OM2SP (Spot-Program) SLR camera model offers even more from the time proven OM2(n) – perhaps that is the problem here some users thought it started to lose its own character as automation tends to start getting a little over-commanding


3/2/2008 · OM1 is all manual. Light meter takes outlawed mercury battery. OM2 has aperture-priority auto-exposure and manual, takes readily available batteries. My OM2 shutter sometimes stays open, then has to be reset. I prefer the OM1, only occasionally checking the

Olympus OM1 , OM2 同 5 支手動鏡頭 Olympus OM1 , OM2 同 5 支手動鏡頭 功能正常,無發毛,放保濕箱,要更多相可what’s app 全部 $1500 發售 快者得,有意請留電話

Since Leica’s flagship rangefinder cameras are known as the M Series, Leica complained about the name of the M-1, forcing Olympus to rename it as the OM-1 to further clarify between the brands. Because of this, today bodies and lenses with the original M name

A factory repair supplement indicated mechanically, there were 19 improvement made to the MD version from earlier M1/OM1 bodies. I have not seen an actual Olympus M-1 and I could not confirm whether earlier film back of these model are removable. But since

30/5/2017 · Hi, The OM2 and OM2s are essentially the same manual cameras, save the OM2s has an ‘auto’ Auto exposure (AE) mode. This means to a learner a safe net of speed and help to get an image to film over setting the exposure and any compensation with aperture

The first ‘proper’ camera I bought was a silver and black Olympus OM1 which I bought with a 50mm f1.4 Zuiko lens from the London Camera Exchange in Southampton whilst I was at university. Like many things that come to me in life, I wasn’t quite ready for it at

Advanced Olympus engineering has created a Micro Four Thirds camera of the future – today: the professional-level OM-D E-M1 Mark II. A high-level system of innovative technology and features designed to forever change the power of photography.

Olympus OM1 , OM2 同 5 支手動鏡頭 Olympus OM1 , OM2 同 5 支手動鏡頭 功能正常,無發毛,放保濕箱,要更多相可what’s app 全部 $1500 發售 快者得,有意請留電話

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23/3/2011 · aniramca wrote: I am thinking about getting an old Olympus OM series SLR. I am not in a hurry and will look around to find one locally. However, I am just wondering on which type which is the best one to get, which model to avoid, and how much will a good

The Cameras: The OM1(N) and OM2(N) Introduced in 1972, the Olympus OM1, remains, to many astronomers, the ideal camera for astrophotography. Long out of production, the OM1 (and its more advanced brother, the OM2) is still highly sought after on the used

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Olympus OM2(n) SLR camera – Other Issues Part V HTML Page ( 44k ) Loading To handle all these enormous amount of data in the most responsive manner, Olympus had designed the their very first microcomputer that used for commercial electronic application.

The Olympus OM-system camera range fall into two main groups of bodies, the ones discussed in this article, designated by one-digit model numbers; and the two-digit models intended as lower-cost alternatives, the OM-10/20/30/40, dealt with separately.

看到om1那個陽春的對焦屏,用om2的裂像屏真的爽好多,om2號稱是神科技,能用菲林測光模式,聞說長曝奇準。這次真要好好品味一下。 試玩的菲林是sensia III 100度正片,過期得離譜,但出來的色很好哦。鏡頭是olympus 35mm f2,看人用好正好銳,怎麼自己這

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Opinione: Sono un Nikonista DOC da 30 anni ma l’unico brand che ho sempre guardato con molto rispetto ed attenzione è Olympus.Di recente ho avuto modo di acquistare una OM1 e una OM2 in perfette condizioni con obiettivi Zuiko 28/2,8 – 35/2 – 50/1.8 – 135